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Our team of experienced luthiers and repair techs offer a wide array of restoration services.
Mountain Jams Band Program

String Instrument Repair

All string instrument care is performed on-site by our shop proprietor and highly experienced luthier, Adam Lipansky. He does all string instrument repairs and is joined by our other repair tech staff.

Services offered: string changes; fret level, fret dressing and re-fretting; pickup replacement; pot replacement; jack replacement; strap button install; crack repairs; acoustic pickup; and more!

String changes (labor only)

  • Ukulele - $25
  • Standard steel-string/non-Floyd rose electric guitars and bases, violin/viola, banjos - $30
  • Mandolins, classical guitars - $35
  • 12 strings, Floyd rose electrics, cellos - $40 and up

Setups (labor only $60-130) *Final pricing depends on the instruments needs*

Bring your instrument in during business hours.

Amp Repair

We specialize in the servicing and restoration of both tube and solid-state amps!

Bring your gear in any time during shop hours! 

Turntable and Maintenance

We offer a drop-off/pick-up service for turntables. Our technician has more than two decades of experience repairing and restoring antique, vintage and contemporary turntables. 

Bring your instrument in during business hours.

Diagnostic Fee: $50
All diagnostic fees go towards the final repair cost

Synth and Pedal Repair

We now offer repair of synths, tape machines, effects and pedals! 

Bring your gear in any time during shop hours! 


Drum Repair

We currently do not offer drum repair, however we do have a partner we can ship many drums to for repair.

Please ask us for more information. 


  • 4444 Piedmont Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94611


  • Monday - Thursday 11am - 7:30pm
  • Fridays & Saturdays 11am - 6pm
  • Sundays 12pm - 5pm

Holiday Hours

  • Thanksgiving Eve - Close at 5pm
  • Thanksgiving Day - CLOSED
  • Christmas Eve - Close at 5pm
  • Christmas Day - CLOSED
  • New Year's Eve - Close at 5pm
  • New Year's Day - CLOSED
  • Memorial Day - CLOSED
  • Labor Day - CLOSED
  • 4th of July - CLOSED
  • Easter - CLOSED